Every gambler at least once visited the secret dream – to learn all the secrets of slot machines, to gain knowledge of how to beat any of them and break the jackpot. But all manufacturers are developing their slots on the principle of random number generation, set their unique payout ratio and maximum protection against hacking. So that affect the outcome of the game is almost impossible. Despite all the security measures, there are craftsmen who develop whole strategies and techniques, how to beat the slot machine. But these schemes are very rarely bring results.

Secrets of the slot machines

In fact, the secrets of how to win at the slot machines almost nonexistent. Those which are known are usually based on manufacturing “glitches” or shortcomings. Their slang term is called “Easter eggs”. Some experts find the use of such bugs and use them as tips. For example, the mechanism of a particular game can give detailed information about the dependence of bets on the lines. That is, they reveal the secret of how much you need to put on this or that line, in order to get the maximum return.

But even this information is not able to guarantee one hundred percent success. All slots work on the basis of a random number generator. Therefore, the combination is completely unpredictable. In addition, the developers are very carefully to create their machines, and they rarely contain any secrets. So do not count on an easy win. The main secret has always been and remains the right choice of slot machines.

How to choose a machine to win?

The web is a lot of online casinos and entertainment portals, which brought together a variety of slots. All of them provide far unequal chances of winning. There are games that are quite difficult to win, and only a few manage to do so. And there are games with a more generous payout policy. Outwardly it is difficult to determine whether the slot is winning or not. Therefore, to choose the right model, you need to analyze the statistics payout.

Here is a list of signs of a winning slot:

  • A high percentage of payout (RTP). Payout percentage in different models ranges from 90% to 98% (sometimes higher than 98%). Of course, the higher the RTP, the greater the chance of getting a big win for each player;
  • High volatility (dispersion). In slots with high volatility winning sequences fall out much less often than in low volatility slots. But the reward in them is almost always several times greater than the amount at stake. Thus, the player receives a significant winnings;
  • High payout odds. As a rule, the maximum winnings exceed the initial bet of the player by several hundreds or even thousands of times. It should be noted that in some models the payout tables may indicate already calculated prize amounts. They change along with the change of the bet. In any case, the player needs to understand how winnings are calculated. Usually, the current line bet is multiplied by the corresponding coefficient on the combination. So, the higher the size of the bet on the spin, the greater the reward can be claimed;
  • The presence of special images. The presence in the game of such symbols greatly increases the chances of winning. “Wild” pictures complement the prize combinations that lack images. Scatter symbols are not tied to paylines and, more often than not, multiply the total bet on a spin. They also usually trigger a freespin. Bonus icons trigger rounds, which can also be won without any investment.

Secrets of slot machines Book of Ra

Automats of this series tend to favor losers. For example, you have started the game with multiple losses in a row, but your bank is full in half, or even more. Someone in such a scenario will raise the bet, play a couple more times and take up a different machine. This is quite reasonable, but there is another tactic. You purposely drain the first ten spins. Then you take the average line bet and nine lines to play. A dozen losses will eat up about 35% of your pot, but you’ll still have 65%. Focus on two to four percent of your total bankroll.

Dropping the designated number of times, immediately go to the mode of the smallest bet per line, but do not increase. This is where the machine will be profitable to issue a winning layout. Spin the drum to the first great combination, then increase the bet and the lines (five to seven). Finish the game when you fall super combination of five symbols in a line, because the next such will have to wait a long time. If such luck does not fall out, play to a bonus or lose 60 percent of your bankroll. Then go back to betting the minimum again.

Mathematical methods to increase the chances of success

Here we must be careful. When the gambling business was just beginning to take off, great mathematicians could make a fortune, but nowadays there are so many excellent mathematicians among the slot developers that it is almost impossible to beat the machines with digital combinations. All the best and most popular machines run on a random number generator. Therefore, the use of any mathematical methods will not allow you to beat the developer. You will not even be able to increase your chances of winning, so you need to think about other strategies.


The real secrets of slot machines are very few. There is only one major secret – it is unrealistic to predict what the winnings will be and when they will fall out. To increase your chances of a successful outcome of the game need to choose the right machine and follow some of the features of the game. Choosing the right slot not only provides an interesting pastime, but also allows you to get good winnings.

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