Playson is a young publisher born in 2012 who remained very discreet until the ICE conference in London in 2015, where he showed his enormous potential. This was, of course, largely confirmed during the year 2016. In fact, after the release of Burlesque QueenTM, Playson is now offering us Art of the HeistTM, a real little revolution in the world of online casino gambling.

The theme is original, although already used by Betsoft. A thief, Vincenzo, has decided to pay a little night visit to a famous museum. Your role will be to help him find his way out, maximising his loot if possible, and avoiding at all costs the traps of the lasers and the awful policeman! The introduction puts you in the right mood and we love the fact that you involve the player in the success or failure of the thief’s mission!

Art of the HeistTM, a gameplay more than fascinating!

Vincenzo must cross the entire museum (represented by the 5 reels). He starts from the top floor on the left and has to join his van which is waiting for him on the ground floor on the right. You will see a very precise path to follow, and you will have to go through 16 steps to get free spins, the Wild symbol near Vincenzo’s hideout will reward you with a few extra tokens, as the symbol is a chest containing a huge diamond! The animations are short but effective, they keep you in the action by showing you what Vincenzo was able to get thanks to you!

Alarms with numbers show you how many boxes the thief can get through, and in the same way, shows you which room he’s arriving in! Beware, if you cross the path of a member of the security staff, you will be sent back to the beginning and will have to start all over again!

From a purely technical point of view, the symbols are varied. You will see cartoon mummies, Egyptian crosses, busts from antiquity, masks from Venice, historical vases, crowns and Roman helmets. For special symbols, there are, of course, the alarms that indicate how many squares Vincenzo is advancing with the symbols of the watchman and the chest stamped “Wild”. You won’t get bored, that’s for sure!

Don’t miss the crazy bonuses of Art of the HeistTM!

Once you’ve helped our friend take the powder and avoid all the obstacles, you’ll be rewarded with free spins! With Wild symbols that take the full height of a reel, you increase your chances of winning even more! During the game, you will be entitled to special bonuses. These are described below.

Pick-em bonus

Choose a room where Vincenzo can go to win even more! In addition, some rooms have to be unlocked, another challenge that you will have a lot of fun taking up! You will have a number of keys at your disposal, which indicates the number of rooms you can visit. You will then have the opportunity to win more or to narrowly escape your freedom! Indeed, the security guard is making his rounds, watch out!

Super bonus 

In the “achievements” room, you will find yourself in a living room with ultra-famous paintings, such as the Mona Lisa, or paintings by Monet, Andy Warhol or the famous work “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. It’s up to you to collect the most beautiful works of art in history!

In short, you will probably have understood that Playson’s Art of the HeistTM is a huge hit! You too, help Vincenzo and get your share of the loot!

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