Let’s analyze the main mistakes made by novice players.

1) Betting on sports wah-bank

The essence of the problem. Very often there is confidence in your heart that your favorite team is going to win this match. In your own eyes, the probability of it is 110%, although the bookmaker estimates the odds only 2 to 1, or even worse. And you want to bet all your available funds on the result. But in the end, it turns out that the opponent is better prepared and the bet is lost. The player is left without any money.


  • It is not worth risking the entire amount. 
  • Experienced people rarely bet large sums on one result. 
  • A more profitable strategy is to allocate no more than a tenth of the money you decided to invest in the game. 
  • For example, if you have 1000 dollars in your hands, then you should not bet more than 100 dollars on sports. Or better yet risk the sums of not more than 2-3% of the total.

2) Chasing high odds on favorites

The essence of the problem. A player sees that odds are suddenly going up for a particular result which in his opinion is more than obvious. With the victory of a clear favorite, you can get double or more winnings. Again, when the result becomes known, it turns out to be an unexpected disappointment to the player.


  • Bookmakers are risking their money by betting with you, so they will not change the odds on sports betting without a good reason. 
  • Carefully study the latest news – a player may have suffered a minor injury, there may have been a major shock in his life, or the bookmakers suspected the possibility of collusion in this particular case.
  • Beware of unnecessarily high odds on favorites, less is better.

3) Excessive caution

The essence of the problem. There are players who bet on sports with odds no higher than 1.2. The probability of such events is very high. But for some reason, they do not come true with enviable regularity.


  • Of course, the smaller the odds – the greater, according to the bookmaker’s office, the probability of the event. 
  • But, strangely enough, it is not possible to win much with this strategy. In any sport unexpected results, random last-minute goals, and other coincidences can happen. 
  • Small odds don’t play as often as you’d like. 
  • So do not chase them, especially if you do not have a good idea of the situation before the game, not the best knowledge of the sport.

4) Bets on everything

The essence of the problem. A player who feels lucky starts to bet on sports left and right, on everything in a row. Including the Philippine basketball championship, the Vietnam soccer cup, and the chess tournament in Vasuki.


It’s best to stay out of areas you know nothing about. No matter how good the odds are on a Philippine basketball win, if this is the first time you’ve ever heard of the game being played in a faraway country, you shouldn’t bet on the sport. It’s easier to get your finger in the sky than to make money with a strategy like this. It is better to concentrate on those sports and competitions that you are familiar with, in which there are no unexpected outcomes for you.

5) Uncontrollable Gambling

The essence of the problem. The gambler cannot stop. Waking up, he goes to a bookmaker’s office for breakfast, to bet on sports. During the day at work, he repeatedly bets online on current events. The evening flows smoothly into the night and a man calms down only when all the sporting events of the current day are over. It does not matter how much he wins or loses, because sports betting overshadows the rest of the world.


  • Play, but do not gamble. 
  • Betting on sports should be a pleasant hobby, which, with the right approach brings income, and in other cases – makes watching the match a little more interesting and exciting. 
  • Get the adrenaline, the positive emotions of the process, but don’t forget. 
  • It is especially worth thinking about stopping if there is a “black streak” of bad luck. 
    • Stop before you lose a ruble in excess of the money allocated to the sweepstakes. 
    • Stop if the “white streak” has brought a good income because there is always a risk that it will end with a big loss.

If you avoid the mentioned mistakes, play calmly, calculate life, bet on sports wisely, you can win money from the bookmaker’s office. Otherwise, you run the risk of continuing to step on the same rake, remaining a fool, and simply transferring your funds to someone else’s wallet.

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